Friday, January 25, 2008

Sam Mendes directing a Comedy - SendMeRSS

Written by Lucas C Haberstich

While I personally found much of American Beauty amusing, Variety reports that director Sam Mendes' next project will be an out-and-out comedy for Focus Features.  Based on an original screenplay by the husband-and-wife/novelists-and-editors pair David Eggers and Vendela Vida, the low-budget comedy "follows a young couple's journey around the U.S. as they search for somewhere to put down roots and raise the baby they are expecting".

No casting has been announced and the project is currently untitled, the previous title of 'This Must Be The Place' having been seemingly abandoned.  I don't see anything wrong with that title, but if Focus is listening, I suggest 'Looking For Babytown', 'Birthing Place', or 'American Booties'.  My fee is minimal.  Also 'American Bootiez' for whoever it is that finds phonic letter replacement appealing.

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