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Daniel Day-LewisI'm sorry that this is the day that so many heartfelt tributes to Heath Ledger are mentioned, but they're too incredible to be passed up. I'm less worried that I'm posting so many and more worried that these are going to cause so many people to get upset again. As I mentioned yesterday, Daniel Day-Lewis won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for There Will Be Blood. In his brilliant acceptance speech, Day-Lewis dedicated his SAG award to Heath Ledger, a man he has never met and never worked with but has immense appreciation and respect for. What he says about Heath is incredible. Both Christopher Nolan's Tribute to Heath and now Daniel Day-Lewis' dedication are emotional to read, as they are both full of so much heart.

Daniel Day-Lewis's entire acceptance speech has been written out below. You can watch the video of it over at People.com.

Thank you. I'm very, very proud of this. Thank you so much for giving it to me. And I'm very proud to be included in that group of wonderful actors this year.

You know, for as long as I can remember, the thing that gave me a sense of wonderment, of renewal, the thing that teased me with the question, how is such a thing possible, and then dare you to go back into the arena of one more time, with longing and self-doubt, jostling in the balance. It's always been the work of other actors, and there are many actors in this room tonight, including my fellow nominees who have given that sense of regeneration and…

Heath Ledger gave it to me. In "Monster's Ball," that character that he created, it seemed to be almost like an unformed being, retreating from themselves, retreating from his father, from his life, even retreating from us, and yet we wanted to follow him, and yet we're scared to follow him almost. It was unique. And then, of course, in "Brokeback Mountain," he was unique, he was perfect. And that scene in the trailer at the end of the film is as moving as anything that I think I've ever seen. And I'd like to dedicate this to Heath Ledger. So, thank you very much.

Like Forest Whitaker's acceptance speech at last year's Oscars, these are the kind of powerful words that will resonate far and wide. Only someone capable of such an incredible performance as in There Will Be Blood is capable of speaking such moving things in an acceptance speech, and I commend Daniel Day-Lewis for a wonderful tribute and dedication.

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User comment: By: Heckle
Wait a minute! I am the real Heckle. I don't know about all you zombies... (I agree, Heath was improving as an actor... his death was a shame)
User comment: By: Timothy R
This just shows what type of a human being Daniel Day-Lewis is. I respect him that much more now! Really touching speech!
User comment: By: KaiserSoze
I think this shall be my new name. (my fave movie character) My apologies once again, Heckle. Hopefully no one is using it. :)
User comment: By: Heckle0
I thank you. I've been posting here for quite a while using it and would hate for there to be confusion. BTw....think up a good one because the forums will hopefully be up soon and you can register it there as well. Perhaps Jeckle?
User comment: By: Liz
There are a lot of people who feel Ledger's loss without having been friends with him or without working with him, and I think Day-Lewis is doing a great job of vocalizing those particular kinds of sentiments in an incredibly classy way. Day-Lewis is a notorious recluse, so you know that his saying these sorts of things is because he feels affected and not because he wants the attention. I'm kind of glad that of everything that's being said in the wake of Ledger's death, it's Day-Lewis' words that are standing out the most.
User comment: By: Heckle
Okay....Heckle0....I will stop posting using this name. I am pretty new to the site so I will defer to your polite request. I shall refrain from using it in the future. Don't know what I shall use...but I'll adhere to it from now on.
User comment: By: Heckle0
Not sure who you are Heckle but i am asking you to change your name. I am heckle and i totally disagree with your comment. Ledger was a good actor and was getting better. His last several roles were fantastic. Had he lived and gone on i bet he would have been great.
User comment: By: Spider
I totally agree with you, Heckle. I was left agog and aghast.
User comment: By: Heckle
That acceptance speech was very weird. Here is one of the greatest actors of our generation getting caught up in the moment of the tragic death of a so-so actor. At least he didn't say..."I was so caught up in the way he took command of the screen in 10 Things I Hate About You...or the way he shook my very being in First Knight" Pshaw. This would be like Ernest Hemingway accepting an award and giving pause to dedicate the award to the creator of Garfield the comic strip.
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