Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Might Indiana Jones take down a UFO with a bazooka in this summer’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Doubtful, but a new image has popped up in the new Empire mag, with co-stars Karen Allen and the emotive kid from Project Greenlight looking hesitant in their awe over Indy’s brandishing the firearm formerly associated with Rambo. The mag also grabbed a nice quote from producer Frank Marshall

“I would say [Indy IV] is closest to the third one [Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade]. It’s all adults. I mean, you have the sidekick in Shia (LaBeouf), but you don’t have a Short Round and I think the banter between the characters is as fun as it was in the third movie.”

Personally, the third film ranks last for me, and that’s enough dissing Short Round for today.

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User comment: By: FLANGLE
User comment: By: A.J.
C'mon, The Last Crusade was great. But Shortround was entertaining in Temple of Doom: "Indy! Cover your heart!" Priceless.
User comment: By: Scott Perry
Marshall is trying to soften the hype, incase if anyone believes it will be better than Raiders of the Lost Ark. doubtful.
User comment: By: Graham
wasnt indy rockin a bazooka in one of those lego sets
User comment: By: Steelo
Short Round is my dawg.
User comment: By: Robert
"You call him Dr. Jones, Doll!"
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