Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Didn't Get Very Far - We're Snowed In! - SendMeRSS

Apparently this Sundance adventure isn't over yet. Just as I was heading out on the road to drive home, a giant storm dumped about two feet of fresh snow all over the northern Utah / Wyoming area. Not only is I-80, the main highway in/out of Park City, entirely closed, but now I'm stuck here for one more night. That photo above, believe it or not, is the view from my car - you can barely see that other car in front of me. Just thought I'd let everyone know that posting may be a bit sporadic as I battle the storm and attempt to get home to Colorado.

I've taken refuge at the grand Hotel Park City on the outskirts of town and am sitting by the fire in a big arm chair working until the plows get out and clear the roads. You know where to find me and stay warm if you're stuck here, too! We'll have some regular posts coming throughout the night, so keep watch for updates.

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User comment: By: Marina
Oh jeez! Here's hoping you get home safe! Take it easy out there!
User comment: By: Josh
that sucks. Luckily, I left Sundance yesterday afternoon. Lucky me. :)
User comment: By: Jeff Warner
I feel your pain. Here in Calgary it is -49 degrees celcius (which is -56.2 degree Fahrenheit)! It's absolutely freezing. We may not have the snow, but that damn wind it killer!
User comment: By: Alex Billington
Laramie, WY is where I want to be! Hahah... My home is only about 3 or 4 hours south from Laramie. I only wish I could've got that far... Maybe I will just enjoy some brandy by the fire. :)
User comment: By: MTJoe
Your not alone. We are sitting in Laramie, WY trying to go West and are having the same luck.
User comment: By: Heckle
Have some brandy and relax by the fireplace. It may take them a while to get that snow cleared.
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