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Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes to Remake ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ - SendMeRSS

Yes, it's another sad day for horror fans. It has been recently announced that Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company (a.k.a. the company that tarnishes horror classics) will in fact be behind the 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' remake. F*CK! gives us this rage worthy news:

Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form have been set by New Line to re-launch Freddy Krueger, the iconic psycho who haunts the subconscious dreams of teenagers and kills them in their sleep, reports Variety.

Both franchises will be given a complete overhaul, something that Platinum Dunes provided in the Nispel-directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. New Line won’t hire a writer on “Nightmare” until the writers strike ends.

It's pretty sad that Platinum Dunes has now acquired the rights to remake all the iconic horror movies. (Except for 'Halloween.')  Leatherface, Jason, and now Freddy Krueger are now property of Michael Bay.

The good news is that the "nightmare" (in more ways than one) won't begin until this dreaded writers' strike is over.  Also, the other good news is that aspiring horror screenwriters like myself should now feel more confident about their original scripts and their creativity for they are rarities in this field now.

Honestly, I don't know what else to say about this news. All I can think of is a long incoherent string of swear words.

What are your thoughts?

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User comment: By: Phil Gee
I read the article over at AICN and they suggested Ben Foster as Freddy. I think that's a pretty awesome choice actually.
User comment: By: Serena
hey guys, Yeah, we've been having technical problems with the site which should be fixed by this evening. So don't you worry....just be patient :)
User comment: By: Darren J Seeley
@Angela Yeah, TMB's been kind of funny the last few days. There were even brief lapses where it appeared to be down. Lack of posts too. Stuff missed:: Sean Young entering rehab after her outbursts at the DGA awards, an old closed down 79 acre Army defense plant in Statford, Connecticut could be the future home of an unnamed Hollywood production company, and the Terry Gilliam film could be 'saved', making it the last Heath Ledger film, not 'The Dark Knight'. Gio, Doug, Serena...what's going on????
User comment: By: Meli
Ah hell! I can't take it! What a freaking nightmare -sigh- I'm depressed.
User comment: By: Darren J Seeley
Follow up... @Serena.... What do they mean..."both"? Elm Street and what else? Critters?!
User comment: By: Angela
Anyone else having problems with the site? It doesn't seem to be keeping the posts.
User comment: By: Darren J Seeley
This is one hell of a catch 22. I want the WGA strike to be over (indeed, it does seem like the picket line days are numbered) and on the other (gloved) hand, I don't want an Elm Street remake. Damned if you do damned if you don't. *************** @Grave Craven co-wrote last year's Hills Have Eyes 2 with his son. Don't get your hopes too high... ************** @Platinum Dunes After a string of horror remakes which have, for the most part fell on thier butts, isn't it about time you folks focus on one of the following: 1) An original (meaning : new) script in the horror-suspense genre that isn't connected to past franchises but could wind up being on of "your own" for the next handful of years? It could even be written by, for example,say Wes Craven, Neil Marshall or Davis J Schow...anyone with a "name" value. Heck, you still have "name" value of Michael Bay, for better or for worse. 2) By up the rights to various novels/author's works. Brian Lumley, Poppy Brite etc. Adapt them. The masses need new horror icon "heroes". Not recycled ones. Unless it's the Triffids.
User comment: By: DarkKinger
I agree with Grave, England is Freddy. Get someone else to play Freddy is a bigger death sentence than JLA. Right now, this remake idea makes me cautious.
User comment: By: Klendathu
Son of a bitch...Well it can't be worse than Freddy's Dead (even though it probably will).
User comment: By: Grave
Well the idea of a Re-make is not too bad as long as two key elements are still in there. 1. Wes Craven writes the story, 2. Robert England plays Freddy. If Wes is out ....thats not so bad I can live with that cause his latest movies have tanked but I will not Seen any Nightmare movies without England playing Freddy. Thats like making and Indiana Jones movie without Harrison Ford or a Rocky movie without Stallion.
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