Thursday, January 3, 2008

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Since John Campea is away for a few days, I'm making it my duty to report any super hero news for you super fanatics out there.  Variety has posted some juicy news and details about the status of the upcoming DC comic film adaptations. There is some good and unfortunately some bad news for you guys. gives us these details:

Speaking of DC Comics pics, it is highly unlikely that Bryan Singer will return to shoot the next Superman movie. (The director is finishing up Tom Cruise’s Nazi film Valkyrie, and prepping The Mayor of Castro Street). The next Superman we will see on the big screen will not be Brandon Routh, but a younger Superman among a cast of youthful superheroes in The Justice League. That movie will likely not be shot, however, until after the WGA strike is resolved. Warners is so happy with Dark Knight that their fondest hope is that Nolan will return to do another Batman.

Well, I guess the bad news is that the next Superman will most likely not be directed by Bryan Singer. (Considering the travesty the upcoming 'JLA' movie will be, I don't think fans will care if it's delayed.)

Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of 'Superman Returns' and would have rather seen Singer film 'X-Men 3' instead. I don't think the upcoming Superman film will hurt the franchise anymore then the previous film had. (By the way, I hope they make Superman fight next time!)

If  'The Dark Knight' is as great as the hype it's been getting for the past couple of years, (Note:  I saw the five minute preview and thought it was excellent! Heath Ledger is going to KICK some SERIOUS ASS as "The Joker"! I don't care what anybody says!) then it would be crazy for Christopher Nolan to pass up the opportunity to film the third installment.

So "superfans," what are your thoughts to this news?  Are you mad about Bryan Singer not returning to 'Superman?' Are you pumped about Nolan doing another Batman?  Do you even care about the Justice League movie anymore? :P

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User comment: By: Ethan Meadow
I agree Superman wasn't Bryan Singers thing and am not all that depressed that he won't be directing the second. However I'm so grateful that Christopher Nolan is still on the Batman sequel, can you imagine if Bryan had done the Batman films... oh that would have been terrible. Has anyone seen the The Dark Knight movie fan site yet? I love it.
i have a great idea---how about WB knocks on Kevin Smith's door, he probably has a copy or two of that nifty "Superman Lives" script he put together back in the mid-90's. I read a copy of it and it was dead-on! It would be the masterpiece vehicle the francise reboot finally deserves. Any thoughts????
User comment: By: Chip Chief
User comment: By: Bobby
Here, Here!!!! I totally agree FilmNerdJamie... :) Enough with this he said, she said bull shit!!! WB... What's the Story??? ~B PS. Bring Back Routh!!! The man is Superman!!!
User comment: By: FilmNerdJamie
The problem with the Variety blog/article is that (by all accounts) THE MAYOR OF CASTRO STREET is dead because of the rival Gus Van Sant film MILK. Also, the script for CASTRO STREET was not turned in on time before the WGA Strike started. And we're still in the middle of the strike with no end in sight. So...that woman doesn't know what she's talking about. Now...Latino Review is claiming that Brandon Routh is 100% out as Superman. They've said that whoever plays Supes in JLA (assuming that film still happens) will in fact replace Routh in the SUPERMAN sequel MAN OF STEEL. They're claiming Variety said such in their posting...which is crap. What Variety said is what we've all known for months now. Brandon Routh won't be Superman in the JLA film. But then again, Christian Bale won't be in it either. And (by all accounts) the solo BATMAN film series is moving on. Hell WB has said Routh and Bale will continue as their characters in the solo films. Until I hear something official outta WB and/or Singer's camp, I'm not buying a word of this...
User comment: By: Peter T
the way I figure it Singer GAVE Superman a character. I loved it but agree it needed more action. nothing'll top TDK anyway, Marvel's time is on the wane! (as much as I love Spidey)
User comment: By: Melbye
Superman just wasn't Singers thing, he really didn't understand the character. I am not sad that he won't be back, too bad X-Men had to suffer because he thought otherwise. Batman Begins was an almost perfect movie, The Dark Knight looks really great so let's hope he returns to do BATMAN 3 As for Justice League, who cares
User comment: By: Big Kid
I say let Nolan do another film (The Prisoner is listed as next on IMDB), then come back to pull a "LOTR." He can simultaneously film the next Superman, right into another Batman, with a 15 minute preview after the credits for Batman vs. Superman/or Worlds Finest that could come out 6 months later! ...Oh man, I think I just rubbed one out!
User comment: By: jordan
i relly hope Nolan will come back to do batman 3 if the dark knight turnes out to be a good and i think it will from the new trailer and the 7 minutes monaloge and it joker is being done right. superman returnes i didnet relly like it jsut didnet work i think it woud have bin better if they jsut left superman alone u can't relly do anthing new with superman.
User comment: By: Hero Stew
The JL Movie (not JLA because like GI Joe, America in the title is a dirty word) is a recipe for disaster, I do not belive it will get made. I am not looking forward to a Superman (lifts heavy objects) Returns sequel. I want to see Superman leave Earth and do battle with Darkseid on Apokolips.
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patrick roberts said...

yeah, i seriously cant wait for the new justice league, although i seriously wish they would keep the old superman, the one from superman returns!

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