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I am somewhat surprised by this news, but considering how money hungry Hollywood is, I know I really shouldn’t be all that surprised. got some very interesting news recently about the possibility of a sequel to last month’s box-office breaking hit, ‘I Am Legend.’

The good folks at ShockTillYouDrop give us this news:

An inside source, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells author Richard Matheson has signed off on sequel rights for the smash hit I Am Legend. Matheson wrote the original 1954 novel upon which Francis Lawrence’s film is based.

Okay, so the good news about this is that the sequel may NOT happen.  (Something I am crossing my fingers for.)  Now, I saw ‘I Am Legend’ a couple of weeks ago.  Half way into the movie, I was crying none stop (something very rare for a movie to make me do) and I thought Will Smith gave Oscar worthy performance in a movie that didn’t deserve it. Without giving too much away, if they were to do a sequel to the movie, after the events in the first installment, I can tell you that I would NOT be interested. 

The CGI was crap. (Made the special effects in ‘The Mist’ look spectacular) I do not care to see more fake looking vampires…oops I mean, flesh-eaters (They should be f*cking vampires, damn it!) take over the world. The first ( and hopefully only) film was fine and should be left alone.  I wish studios would realize that just because a movie made a sh*tload of money at the box office, does not necessarily mean people will be lining up to see a sequel.

Then again, that just might be me. What about you guys? Would you see ‘I Am Legend 2?’   (Note: Please giving a warning when posting spoilers in the comment section!)

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Nah, the sequel would be primarily a movie about "rebuilding". I'd prefer to see what happened in the 3 years after infection and before the current movie starts. I doubt I'm alone in this.
User comment: By: AjaxLou
Will this be from the vampires point of view?
User comment: By: Brandon
They will probably do some sort of prequel..showing the evolution of the disease from initial outbreak up until where the first one begins. If you ask me, this is a bad idea. However, no one asks me. The studio saw how much money it made, so they'll make another regardless. Was the movie industry always like this? Hmmm..
User comment: By: Serena Whitney
SPOILERS...skip ahead to next comment if you don't want to read.... Aww...Phil Gee, I'm sorry to hear that. That part hurt me so bad...not just because of Sam dying...but because that was all Will Smith had in the world. :'( You should have seen me when he was trying to talk to the mannequin afterwards...( I was shaking to keep from bawling in the theatre) And you're right...the only reason why I didn't leave the theatre pissed off was because of Will Smith, and not having him in the next film is just not worth it.
User comment: By: Mark Davidson
I Am Legend 2: Legender I Am Legend 2: A New Legend I Am Legend 2: Legend Harder
User comment: By: emilyk
Nooo. Bad, bad idea. However, I have to disagree that all the CGI in "I Am Legend" was crap. Yes, the vampirezombies looked pretty bad, but the scenery was incredible. They made NYC look like a wasteland, and it was believable. The film at least deserves some credit for that.
User comment: By: Alex
Spoilers!! There's no way to do a sequel to this movie. The girl and the boy ended up in M. Night Shymalan's Village with the cure so where could they go. I liked the flick up until the dog died, and then the CG monsters came out and ruined it for me. Didn't like the chick or the kid, or the lame ending. Despite the big box office, most of the people I've talked to hated this movie.
User comment: By: Amish_Bill
Possible sequel leads (therefore ensuring suckability): - The Rock - Brendon Fraser - Vin Diesel - Steve Carell (as agent Michael Scarn) - Marlon Brando's reanimated corpse
User comment: By: Phil Gee
BIG WHOPPING SPOILERS! What the hell? 'I Am Legend' was a huge hit because of Will Smith (and there's no way he's coming back as a barbequed zombie). Plus, his character spent the entire film trying to find a cure for the virus, which he did. Surely, the only way a sequel is going to work is by completely undermining the first film and saying: "OH HELL NAAAAAAWWWWW, THE CURE DON'T WORK" Oh, and i was pretty close to blubbing myself Serena at that part of the film i think you're referring to. We lost our dog (not to a deadly virus but she died none the less) just 2 weeks before i saw the film, and we just lost our cat 2 days ago. So that part of the film hit pretty close to home for me. It's always great when you can emotionally connect with a film in that way and i think everybody who saw 'I Am Legend' probably did in that mid-way portion of the film... how are they gonna top that in the sequel? Hedgehogs perhaps; adorable little pet hedgehogs that catch the virus and then, realising the monters they've become, commit suicide by running into the middle of a busy road? Hey, this thing writes itself;)
User comment: By: Joshua Doss
Not just no, but hell no. Fuck no. No to the Nth degree, for infinitely large values of N. The 2nd movie, in true Hollywood, we-don't-really-know-what-we're-doing-so-stop-noticing-it fashion, would pick right up where the 1st one left off. And the last half of that movie sucked. It sucked so hard that seasoned porn actors would have to look down and say, "Slow down there, Sparky. The teeth... I can do without the teeth." For the reasons you stated above, John. It ceased to be a poignant story right when we got a face full of zombie.
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