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Juno Almost Breaks Indie Box Office Records

You can look at the box office results from last weekend and easily see that National Treasure: Book of Secrets took the #1 spot, but that's nothing. There's another movie that isn't that high up on the chart yet is still performing extraordinarily - Juno. On Friday alone, December 28th, Juno made $3.285 million on 998 screens, a per-theater-average of $3,292. This total box office earnings for Juno have now reached $25.7 million. This incredibly impressive, nearly record breaking, for a lil' indie film from Jason Reitman.

Unfortunately $3.3 million on Friday isn't the absolute biggest take in history. As SlashFilm points out, The Blair Witch Project made $8.234 million on 1,101 screens back in 1999. However, Juno comes in a solid second, well above No Country for Old Men, Pulp Fiction, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Little Miss Sunshine, Sideways, and Napoleon Dynamite. Considering how big of a success each of the aforementioned indie films became, it's obviously apparent that Juno is on its way to immensely widespread success and appreciation as well, on top of being a financial hit.

I really hope by now after all of the excessive mentioning of Juno, almost everyone who is reading this has seen it. If not, there's no better time than now to make your way down to your local art house cinema to catch one of the greatest films you'll see all year. It even has a 8.4 on IMDb, putting it at #187 on their all-time Top 250 list. And if you need to read some reviews, we've got a great one right here.

I'm truly excited to see Juno doing so damn well. It always makes me smile when a little indie film that I love so dearly hits it off big. Now if only all 19 that I mentioned could've hit big, too, then this would be a great year. But for now, I'll relish in Juno's success and grin when yet another friend comes back to me saying "I loved Juno!"

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User comment: By: B33
Kail, How does it feel to talk out of your ass?
User comment: By: Kail
"I was SAVING that bacon!" One reason why I Am Legend was funny... the whole Fred thing was funny too
User comment: By: Zach D.
I tried to go see it with my family last night, at 10 PM. I figured that a little later on a Sunday night would be fine, but the movie was sold out. We showed up half an hour early, but it sold out at 9 PM.
User comment: By: Heckle
LIAR. It was so very funny. I absolutely loved it. Funny from begining to end except for some very powerful moments. I Am Legend ??? dont get me started.
User comment: By: Kail
I saw it the other night, and like Napoleon Dynamite, it was too overhyped. People kept saying it was the best movie ever lik omgs!1!! but it wasn't that good, some parts were boring, some were cute. All in all it was just alright in my opinion. I Am Legend was much funnier.
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