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Bond 22

Is an introduction really necessary, because I want to get right down to it. I've been nagging to ask this question: can "they" really pull off filming a James Bond film from start to finish and complete all post-production and visual effects in less than 10 months time? I know some movies can (the Saw franchise, to name one), but Transformers took two to three entire years to complete. The Bond site MI6 reports that Bond 22 will begin filming on January 3rd, 2008. One reported scene that will be shot this week is in London at the Barbican, although Daniel Craig isn't in it. MI6 also ran some interesting quotes from director Marc Forster about the film and its direction.

For die-hard James Bond fans, it's exciting to hear what Forster has to say, especially regarding the story and themes (read below). As for the exact plot, it's still being kept under tight wraps, so this is the most we'll hear for now.

The film will be more of a journey into 007's inner-being than a globe-hopping trip around the world, as Forster explained: "When Bond began in the Connery days, travel was a luxury not everyone could afford. Today, the world has become smaller. If Bond goes to a beach with palm trees it's almost banal now. The only interesting trip remains the journey inwards, deep in to the psyche."

From the interview at MI6, it sounds like Forster is excited to take on an action film for his first time and also dive head first into the Bond franchise. He even says that "audiences should be prepared for a few surprises in this outing." As for his own ideas and a unique touch that he's looking to bring to it, Forster said he hasn't encountered any issues with the producers blocking his ideas.

"Financially, there are limits - even on a Bond film," he said, "otherwise, I have been able to realize my vision."

With each new piece of news that comes out about Bond 22, my Bond nostalgia kicks in and I get a bit giddy. I really can't wait for this to arrive in November. And in regards to my question at the beginning, I really hope this isn't delayed, because I won't be able to wait any longer for it. Bond 22 is set to arrive in theaters on November 7th, 2008.

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User comment: By: James
Well, Cloverfield was in less then 6 months that even includes the pre-production, so it more than doable.
User comment: By: Spider
Awesome! The thinking man's 007 is coming back! "Casino Royale" was easily one of 2006s best movies. Can't wait to see if the filmmakers of Bond 22 can top that one much less match it in quality entertainment!
User comment: By: Shero
Happy new year Alex ...and thanks for the good news I was waiting for this from long time ...Bond 22 :-)
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