Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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17-year-old "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe seems hell bent on being taken seriously as an actor. First he got naked for a staging of the play "Equus" (a move similar to paths taken by other movie stars, like Nicole Kidman). Now he's jumped at taking a role in a super-serious film--"Journey," a film set in war torn Somalia.

The young actor, whom we all know as Harry Potter from the film series of the same name, is playing the part of Dan Eldon, a real life 22-year-old photographer who was stoned to death by a Mogadishu mob in 1993. Eldon's story is apparently a riveting one as there have been numerous attempts to bring his life to film with several stars (among them Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, Ryan Phillippe and Joaquin Phoenix) all expressing interest in the part. 

Eldon's mother turned down each bid and each actor... until now. That's gotta mean a lot for Radcliffe, a kid who's done a great job in a children's movie franchise with a looming expiration date.

The story of Eldon's death is a tragic one... after UN forces bombed a house filled with Somalian civilians (by accident), angry survivors rushed to the hotel of Journalists, asked them to come out and take pictures and, once the journalists were out and surrounded by a crowd, proceeded to stone the journalists to death.

Eldon's work, which will be central to the film, has earned him many a fan, including director Baz Luhrmann and Madonna. 

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