Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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As the clock begins to strike midnight across the US, we want to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year! Crack open that bottle of champagne and celebrate - as this has been a phenomenal year and we can't go without a champagne toast to all of you, our readers, who have made this such an incredible year. You've probably already read our article on why 2008 will be awesome, and now it's finally here. Too bad you're not in Colorado, we'd be pouring you a glass of our champagne.

As a special note, I don't know why everyone else is so insistent on getting their "best of 2007" lists out the door and published by midnight tonight. All of ours will be coming in the next few weeks - there's no rush to have it finished by tonight. You're not going to forget 2007 in just a couple of days… Are you?

Extra points to whoever guesses what four movie posters the numbers above are from! From left to right, the posters are: The Number 23, Chicago 10, 1408, and 28 Weeks Later.

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User comment: By: Alex Billington
Good job Stephen - you nailed 'em. I'm impressed, I thought no one would've got Chicago 10! For that, I will send you any poster of your choosing from 2008. Shoot me an email, let me know what you want. :)
User comment: By: Ryan
HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a great '08. I know: 2=The Number 23 0=Have no clue 0=1408 8=28 weeks Later
User comment: By: shero
Happy New year ...wish you the best ... from the first look I knew 3 of the numbers : 2 = The Number 23 , 0 = I didn't know from which movie is it :-( I didn't watch Chicago 10 , 0 = 1408 , 8 = 28 weeks later . Stephen is right
User comment: By: soundtrackgeek
Happy New Year! 2008 will be an amazing year for movies and soundtracks. Can't wait!
User comment: By: Stephen
Happy New Year everybody! Haha I was think that before I read this,in order: The Number 23, Chicago 10, 1408, 28 Weeks Later.
User comment: By: Stealth
Happy New Year to all!! Viva 2008!!
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