Thursday, April 24, 2008

Routh Badmouths Justice League

In the continued epic of the on again off again Justice League movie we all sit anxiously waiting for them to drop the ax once and for all. Now the next gen Supes himself has chimed in on the topic.

/Film offers from the mouth of Routh:

"I think we've been doing a great job representing Superman and Batman and there is definitely a time and place for the Justice League movie. I kinda think that now isn't that time."

We have been saying this all along. Routh must be reading this site. But we are not the only ones saying this. In fact, I have yet to find ANYONE who thinks their current (and repeatedly failing) Justice League idea is going to work. If they want to make them into Teen Titans, why not do a Teen Titans movie?

The Justice League movie is not a BAD idea and it pretty much gives you the permission to print money, but the way they are hoping to do this failed Justice League film while other chapters of the DC Universe are putting forward such a fine example is just silly.

Wait for each member to have its own standalone film, sweet talk its stars into taking an epic Oceans 11 scale paycut to form an ensemble cast and give the fans what they want.

A Real Justice League film.

Routh also mentions in passing that he expects Man of Steel to begin on set early next year.


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