Thursday, April 17, 2008

MTV Movie Awards Announces Movie Spoof Contest

Movie Awards PopcornIt took over 25 years, $150 million, and some of the biggest names in show business to bring “Transformers” from an idea, to the big-screen, to a front row seat at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.

It could take you as little as three minutes to join them.

MTV is calling all filmmakers, provocateurs, and amateur comedians for their “2008 Movie Spoof Contest,” with the winner eligible for a free trip to Los Angeles for the MTV Movie Awards on June 1 and their very own Golden Popcorn.

Think “Transformers” would have been better with Micro Machines? Does “Dis-Enchanted” sound more like your kind of fairy tale? Do you ponder over a version of “Into the Wild” where Emile Hirsch brought a friggin map?

Here's how to take your funny idea to the grand stage:

First, have a funny idea for a spoof. To ensure quality, make sure to bat your idea around with friends. Try to find friends with names like Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler.

Second, make your spoof film. It can be no longer than three minutes in length, and has to be a spoof for one of these 24 films. Notice something? That's right, no “There Will Be Blood.” So don't go thinking you're gonna get off easy with a milkshake joke.

Third, upload your film to one of these user-generated sites: Photobucket, MySpace, Daily Motion, Break, Buzznet, Heavy or FunnyorDie by May 11th at 11:59pm EST. Don't upload to more than one of these sites, though. No fair cheating.

Fourth, wait for the praise to start rolling in. The best spoof from each of these sites will move onto the next round, where they will compete head to head Thunderdome style to crown an eventual champion.

Fifth, make sure to thank me when picking up your Golden Popcorn.

For more on the 2008 MTV MOVIE AWARDS check out and don't forget to tune in to the live show on June 1 which will be hosted by Mike Myers.

Sound like fun? We'll see you on the red carpet.


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