Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Batman Begins Blu-ray News

Batman-1We have details today about the 2 Blu-ray options for Batman Begins. We get the following news from our friends at highdefdigest:

Warner has unveiled specs and box art for the upcoming dual Blu-ray releases of ‘Batman Begins’, which will hit stores this July with picture-in-picture and an exclusive peek at the upcoming ‘The Dark Knight.’ Exclusive to the Blu-ray is the complete 6-minute prologue to the upcoming theatrical sequel ‘The Dark Knight’ (set to hit theaters July 18), which premiered on the internet earlier this year to great acclaim.

Among the goodies found only in the Gift Set are a ‘Batman Begins’ motion art lenticular, a 32-page ‘Dark Knight’ booklet (with script pages, exclusive photos and storyboards), five collectible Batman Begins postcards, an exclusive DC Comic Book Adaptation to the upcoming sequel ‘The Dark Knight’ plus $7.50 in Movie Cash towards buying a ‘Dark Knight’ ticket. As previously announced, Warner has set a suggested retail price of $28.99 for the standard Blu-ray, and $49.99 for the Gift Set.

These disks are pretty much the same as their HD-DVD counterparts with a few gimmicks thrown in to make you feel like it was worth the wait on Blu-ray. The release of these DVD’s will be before the launch of the sequel in order to maximize advertising dollars and hype. Until they you can enjoy the film on DVD and/or HD-DVD.

The price point for Blu-ray discs is fucking brutal. $28.99 for a disc and packaging, are you kidding me? No thank you, I will wait for it on television or live without seeing it again. If they sold the disks for 15 dollars - I would have a wall of them, but there is no way I am dishing out 100 bones for three discs. I do not know the exact price difference between a DVD and a Blu-ray disc - but I’m going to guess it isn’t 10 dollars. If they are just going to keep putting out new viewing mediums to further gouge us - I will revert back to VHS and buy all the tapes I can handle on Ebay.


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