Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Dark City" DVD Date Confirmed!

We heard rumors a few weeks back from writer David Goyer that a 10th anniversary DVD for the sci-fi cult classic "Dark City" was on the way, and now a date has been set: July 29th, 2008. The film will be released on both DVD and Blu-Ray (probably the way to go on a film this visually-oriented).

Brad from RopeofSilicon also reports that the new "director's cut" edition will contain fifteen minutes of additional movie (running time 111 minutes rather than 96), and "all new special features." Brad doesn't seem to know anything about the new score and special effects that Goyer mentioned earlier, but we'll all see in due time I suppose. I know Eugene from Cinematical and I are both hoping the filmmakers aren't so dense as to discard the fantastic Roger Ebert commentary, a must-hear for anyone who cares about film criticism and/or analysis.


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