Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Demi Moore Set To Star In Benraku and Tears

DemiIt’s a big news day for Demi Moore today. We get wind that she has landed 2 starring roles thanks to our friends at comingsoon:

The Hollywood Reporter says that Moore, along with indie queen Parker Posey, will topline Happy Tears from filmmaker Mitchell Lichtenstein (Teeth). She will then hook up with Woody Harrelson for Bunraku from Snoot Entertainment.

“Tears,” which Lichtenstein wrote and is directing, follows a woman (Posey), prone to self-aggrandizement, who returns to her Wisconsin home and must deal with her bitter sister and her father, who suffers from a rare form of dementia. Moore plays the sister, fed up with dealing with the hateful father.

Bunraku, written and directed by Guy Moshe, follows a man (Josh Hartnett) on a revenge quest who finds himself in an even bigger fight than he bargained for. Moore plays the enslaved concubine of a warlord who is forced to marry her captor. Harrelson plays a bartender.

Out of the 2 independent films, Benraku is the one that leaps up and tickles my fancy. An enslaved concubine of a warlord!!! Demi Moore was born to play this role. I know that if I was a Warlord and I was looking to fill my harem with quality concubines, Demi Moore would make the first round of the draft.

To see Woody back as a bartender is a cool throwback to his days at Cheers and I look forward to seeing him slinging mugs anew!

Revenge films have a fantastic structure to them and make for great action. The final boss is alwyas the most difficult obstacle to overcome but the journey is full of minions, trials and tribulations that would turn an unimpassioned hunter away. Vengeance is the insanity that pushes the hero onward till justice is dispensed through their own hands.

I am a fan of Demi and look forward to seeing her in both these films. I remember seeing transformers as a kid in the theatre and a poster for One Crazy Summer was on the wall. I saw the film shortly after that and have been a fan ever since. I long for a reunion with Bob Goldthwait, and with luck, we will get one.


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