Tuesday, April 15, 2008

G.I. Joe Battle Armor

We have pictures of Scarlett and Duke’s battle armor today thanks to our friends at IESB:

Rachel Scarlettmed

Joe And Scarlet Suitsmed

Not really much to look at right now. I am guessing this armor will be worn over clothing, at least I hope so; if everyone in G.I. Joe wears armored wet suits - it will be weird.

I am still very skeptical about this film, but don’t want to read too much into these pictures right now. The suits are not yet finished and appear to be made of clay and or plastic for design purposes. When completed outfit shots are ready, we will be able to see the evolution and discuss our thoughts on them. Seeing a redhead next to Scarlett’s armor does get me a little nostalgic; I will not lie to you friends.


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