Thursday, April 17, 2008

Posters and Video From New Comedy "The Auteur"

Independent filmmaker James Westby is back with his leading man Melik Malkasian for "The Auteur," a comedy about a world-famous adult film director who must confront his feelings for his "one true love."

Here's the official summary we've got:

From the creators of "Film Geek" comes THE AUTEUR - a mélange of romantic comedy and raunchy satire set in the world of adult film. Director James Westby's THE AUTEUR is the story of renowned porn director Arturo Domingo (Melik Malkasian), the creative genius behind classics like Five Easy Nieces and Requiem for a Wet Dream, who has arrived in Portland, Oregon to receive a Lifetime Achievement award at a film festival. Arturo is delighted at the prospect of reviving his sagging career, yet troubled that fate would lead him to the hometown of his only true love, Fiona (Katherine Flynn). Encountering crazed fans, former collaborators, bitter enemies, and free-loving hippies, we follow Arturo as he frantically attempts to raise money for the film that could put him back on top: Gang Bangs of New York.

So just from that description there's some obvious comedic potential, but images speak louder than words, and just for you we've got the trailer for the film along with a collection of rather hilarious posters for four of Arturo's porn-spoofs. Enjoy (and be advised that they're nearly unsafe for work).

Fight Club Parody

Five Easy Pieces Parody

Lesser God Parody

Purple Rain Parody

The film is playing at Tribeca next Friday, but there's no word yet on when or if this will see a wider release. We'll be sure to let you know.


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