Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Early Iron Man Reviews Promising

There have been a couple of early screenings of Iron Man in places like Australia and Mexico and early reports of the film are starting to trickle in (I’m hoping to see it next week! YAY!)

So far, all the feedback seems to be positive. However, don’t get yourself too excited… much of that feedback is coming from the AICN boards which are ripe with fakes, over hyped fan boys and other stuff. (I like the stuff the actual AICN guys do, but the boards are a cesspool with misinformation and fakes).

Still, regardless of how reliable these types of early quotes are, it’s still much better to hear positive questionable crap… than negative questionable crap. So chalk this one up as another (minor) reason to be excited about the May 2nd release of the film.

A few months ago I called that the Incredible Hulk would end up surprising everyone and be an even better movie than Iron Man. However, the more I’ve seen from both, I think I’ve changed my mind. I still think both will be great, but Iron Man is just looking so damn sweet! (Source: Cinematical)


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