Monday, April 21, 2008

Iron Man Does Appear In Hulk Movie

Hulk-Downey.jpgSome time ago very strong rumors started circulating that the two upcoming Marvel super heroes who each have films coming out this summer (The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man) would, in one form or another, be making special appearances in each others movies.

Recently however, reports have been surfacing that those rumors weren’t true. Well, it appears that they were indeed true! This past weekend at Comic-Con New York there was a special Incredible Hulk panel which included Director Louis Leterrier, Tim Roth (Abomination), producers Kevin Feige and Gale Anne Hurd, and Lou Ferrigno. At this panel they showed some footage from the film (which they usually do) and to everyone’s delight Tony Stark (Iron Man) shows up on screen (and yes, it was Robert Downey Jr.).

Apparently people at the panel were thrilled with the footage they were shown as well:

Leterrier added that we can expect “many and long fights” in the film, and that looking through the Hulk’s history made it clear that he needed to battle two things this time out: the Army and The Abomination.

That much was obvious in the next clip, which was new footage of Edward Norton being pursued by the military and transforming into the Hulk in full daylight. Though some of the effects in the sequence are still unfinished, it was evident that the movie has truly nailed the look of the Hulk and his abilities. He battles with the Army personnel, smashing armored vehicles to pieces, running directly into machine-gun fire, and finally fighting with a very human Blonsky. This clip would appear to be from early in the film, because Blonsky has not yet transformed into his monstrous self. But still, as a tiny human being next to the Hulk he nevertheless fights it out with him, tempting the beast — who is wielding a piece of shredded tank in each hand — with the line, “Is that all you got?” Apparently it isn’t, because the kick-ass clip then ends with the Hulk booting Roth’s character right in the chest before cutting to black.

After the house lights came back on and the clip was over, Hurd said to the crowd, “You told us ‘Hulk smash,’ you get Hulk smash.”

Sounds bloody sweet to me.

Now, we just have to see if we’re going to catch of glimpse of Edward Norton in Iron Man or not. (Source: Moviehole)


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