Friday, April 18, 2008

Justice League On Hold Again

It’s a film that’s been so “on again - off again” that it’s starting to resemble my love life. Ok, that’s more like “off again” more than anything else. But still…

Justice League (the Superhero group based on all the big DC comics characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Geen Lantern, Flash… ect ect ect) is a film that looks like it could possibly be the most disasterous comic book film of all time. However, just before the strike it got put on hold and the internet movie community rejoiced like the Ewoks after the destruction of the second Death Star. Sadly though, after the WGA strike was over, word came out that the movie was back on track and moving forward once more. All the people wept.

Now comes word that the mess in waiting is on hold yet again. Hooray! Mega producer Joel Silver commented that the Justice League movie was “Tabled” when asked how the project might effect the Wonder Woman movie he’s currently working on.

So break out the champaign and the Ewok drums… Justice League is delayed again… we can only hope this time it will turn into a more permanent situation! (Source: CHUD)


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