Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Dark Knight Trailer Hunt on Monday!

If you live in Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, New York, Kansas City, Toronto, San Francisco, or London you will want to read this. On Thursday night we debuted the new poster for The Dark Knight as part of the on-going viral marketing game. The website where it was discovered was located at
It's All Part of the Plan

However, the site hinted that more would be coming and now its been updated. A new viral hunt will take place on Monday, April 28th in those cities mentioned above and this time I know you'll want to get involved. I'll bet anyone $10 that they'll end up at a movie theater in the area where you'll be shown the brand new trailer (or even more?) in its entirety. Why do I think that? Read on…

The website now features 12 clickable defaced photos of presidents on the wall. Each one corresponds to a city. If you click each photo, it will open a new window that has instructions on how to play the game on Monday. Here is what each photo reads:

Gather with 300 of your closest friends at this exact spot on April 28th.

You'll need to be in contact with a partner-in-crime who has online access to relay your instructions once you're there. These instructions will give you the TRAIL to follow, but be sure to look both ways when crossing the street; we wouldn't want you to make an unscheduled visit to the ER now, would we?

Put on a smile and plan to spend about an hour or so bonding with your fellow clowns.

Check back here often for updates or changes.

It's All Part of the Plan

There are a couple of things to notice. First, did you catch the TRAIL and ER? What do those put together spell? This is now confirmation that we will be seeing the new Dark Knight trailer Monday. However, if you want to see it in theaters early and live in one of those 12 cities, you just need to play the game. All countdown clocks are set to hit zero at 5:30PM in their respective timezones. Click on each city to find coordinates and a link to Google Maps to find out where exactly to meet on Monday. You can find groups arranging meetups on SuperHeroHype.

Here's why I think everyone will end up at a movie theater on Monday. They wouldn't lead 3600 hungry fans on a wild goose chase to a random destination and debut the trailer online at that moment because all 3600 people would have no way of watching it and would've wasted their time outside. What better way to satisfy them than lead them right to a movie theater? And 300 is just about the average size for an auditorium in a cineplex nowadays - which makes even more sense that they specify only that many people. If I were you, I'd definitely be joining in on this hunt on Monday. I wonder how many kids are going to skip school for this?

MovieWeb also received a new package from the Joker. You can find photos over on their site, but contained within it was a creepy clown mask, Joker playing card, and tattered piece of paper with instructions. While they didn't reveal exactly what the instructions said, you can make out some of them and it sounds like they're details about the trailer on Monday. The playing card they got is their ticket to get into the trailer screening.

Unfortunately I live in Colorado and there is no nearby city that is hosting one of these trailer hunts. However, I'll be at home anxiously awaiting the debut of the trailer online and getting ready to deliver it all of you also waiting anxiously. Monday will most definitely be a glorious day for The Dark Knight. I've seen the new trailer and it just as incredible as the first one. And if you're concerned about it showing too much, don't worry, they've done a wonderful job of not showing that much but teasing it just enough for you to wet your pants in excitement. We'll be back on Monday!


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