Monday, January 14, 2008

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Traveling to Sundance

In a matter of minutes I'm about to head out the door and embark on an 8-hour drive to Park City, Utah to setup camp for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. Although it's only my second year attending, this journey has become a tradition and I will always without a doubt drive every year, because there's nothing like riding alone through the cold, barren wasteland of Wyoming, listening to music full blast, and thinking about the weeks of great independent cinema to come. So on that note, we shall be back in action later this evening coming to you live from the mountains of Utah!

I wish I could put into words the enthusiasm and excitement I feel right now for Sundance. But alas, the only way you can feel the same way is if you attend the festival, too. It is easily the best two weeks all year long and I've been waiting anxiously ever since last year's Sundance ended for it to start again. While I can't do anything to make you feel the same amount of excitement, the least I can do is promise you some of the best coverage you'll ever see. I'm prepared to bring you some of the most exciting and thorough coverage of the Sundance Film Festival you'll find anywhere. See you on the flip side!

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User comment: By: Nick O.
I. am. jealous.
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