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Sundance Trailers: Goliath

I'm already out in snowy Utah (it did snow this morning) and am anxiously awaiting the Sundance Film Festival's start on Thursday. After seeing Cloverfield yesterday, I headed home and stumbled across a number of new trailers for a couple of Sundance films: Goliath (pictured above), an odd movie about a missing cat with an awesome trailer; Bottle Shock, a comedy about the early days of California wine making; and Downloading Nancy, an insane film about an unhappy wife's torturous love affair. Each has a unique trailer that I'd suggest watching to start building up your own Sundance hype.

Watch the trailer for Goliath:

Directed by David Zellner and starring David Zellner and Caroline O'Connor. Faced with a demotion, a pending divorce, and less-than-friendly neighbors, a man pins his hopes for salvation on finding his missing cat, Goliath.

Watch the trailer for Bottle Shock:

Directed by Randall Miller and starring Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman, Chris Pine, Rachael Taylor, Freddy Rodríguez, and Eliza Dushku. The story of the early days of California wine making featuring the now infamous, blind Paris wine tasting of 1976 that has come to be known as "Judgment of Paris."

Watch the trailer for Downloading Nancy:

Directed Johan Renck and starring Maria Bello, Jason Patric, Rufus Sewell, and Amy Brenneman. The tale of an unhappy wife whose online search for someone to put her out of her misery results in a torturous love affair.

Warning: NSFW! This is an R-rated trailer!!

Check back in during the next week or two for reviews on these three Sundance movies and many more. I'm hoping for the best with every movie I see, but who knows, something could turn out really bad. At least I've written these three down as priorities in my schedule, as they all do look pretty good.

For the full list of Sundance Film Festival films, click here. For my own Sundance Picks and Peeks, click here. And for our Sundance news and coverage, click here.

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Link - Comments - Alex Billington - Wed, 16 Jan 2008 06:06:16 GMT - Feed (2 subs)
User comment: By: mike
Maria gets nude because she isn't afraid to do what the director wants to make it as life-like as possible. Real life is not full of clothing in some cases, know what I mean. She's very good in The Cooler, A History of Violence, and I'm willing to bet this will be her best performance to date. This film looks riveting, I can't wait to see it.
User comment: By: Chris
Goliath's trailer doesn't exactly jump out at me, as it doesn't really tell me much. BottleShock's trailer started off having me really interested. As it progressed it just jumped out at me as extremely cliche. Almost like I had seen the movie somewhere before, yet obviously never have. Downloading Nancy. Damn. They know how to make a movie trailer. So packed full of emotion. I hope it is as advertised. a f*&^ing hat trick at the hockey game...made me totally forget all about Cloverfuck...these look like great movie fun and entertainment...nice to see something diffferent for a change...
User comment: By: Ryan
It seems like the only good one is 'Downloading Nancy' though that doesn't look so hot either.
User comment: By: Young
downloading Nancy' seems like it's the bets of the three movies... it's intense, sexy, torturous and an emotionally involving story. One question: why is Maria Bello nude in almost every film she's in? lol.
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