Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spyglass and MRC Reach Interim Deals with WGA - SendMeRSS

Written by David Morgan

The Writers Guild has struck two more deals with smaller studios in an effort to sway the major studios in their favor. Spyglass Entertainment and Media Rights Capital have signed interim agreements to allow WGA writers to return to work on existing projects immediately. According to THR, the deal works similarly to the ones hashed out between the WGA and Worldwide Pants, United Artists, and The Weinstein Co. The deals offer writers "2.5% of a distributor's gross for the reuse of television productions online and 2% of a distributor's gross for reuse of theatrical films online." Sounds pretty fair. So how much longer until the big boys cave? That's still anyone's guess.

The one tricky bit in the MRC deal is that MRC recently signed a three-picture distribution deal with Warner Brothers (for The Box, Shorts, and This Side of the Truth), which means that this deal to get projects back up and running at MRC, actually benefits Warner Brothers in the long run. As the WB has been a major target of the WGA since the beginning, the politics of the strike are getting a little bit murkier.

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