Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Charlize Theron in McCarthy's The Road - SendMeRSS

Oscar-winner Charlize Theron will join Viggo Mortensen in John Hillcoat's (The Proposition) adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's apocalyptic novel The Road. According to Variety, Theron will play the wife of Mortensen's character and will be seen mostly in flashback. The role is an understandably small one, considering the plot focuses on Mortensen's character and his son as they travel toward presumed safety with post-nuclear killer cannibals all around them.

Joe Penhall adapted the screenplay and filming should begin next month. Nick Wechsler (who worked with Theron on The Yards back in 2000) is producing alongside Steve Schwartz and Paula Mae Schwartz. Theron reportedly accepted the small role due to her admiration for the source material.

-David Morgan 

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