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Rumor: Quentin Tarantino Remaking Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Ever since Tarantino's / Rodriguez's Grindhouse came out last April, I've been anxious to go back and watch some grindhouse classics from Tarantino's archives. One of them I came across in a random search one evening was one called Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. This 1965 black and white classic is an exploitation film full of sex and violence, everything that makes up a good grindhouse movie! Although I still have never seen it, it's on the top of my "to watch" list whenever I get a free minute. A new rumor from Variety claims that grindhouse connoisseur Quentin Tarantino could be remaking Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! next.

The film is directed by sex-flick filmmaker Russ Meyer and is about three tough busty chicks who travel through the desert, stirring up trouble and testosterone along the way. The rumor / report by Liz Smith says that Tarantino wants his version to be "even raunchier." Is that possible? And beyond that, his first casting choices are socialite Kim Kardashian, Cuban bombshell Eva Mendes and crack-addict ex-pop star Britney Spears. Kim and Eva, yes, I'm all for, but Britney, please no!!

Sadly, I really don't think this is going to get made. After Grindhouse failed not only at the box office, but on DVD too, I don't think any studio would be interested in another exploitation grindhouse feature. However, at the same time, if he did actually remake this and release it, I'm sure it would find an audience. And if he had a better studio with better marketing (instead of The Weinstein Company) that might help, too, but that's where Tarantino's hooked at the moment. As everyone knows, I'm all for whatever grindhouse and exploitation films Tarantino (or his friends) whip up, so bring it on!

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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User comment: By: Ryan
I thought he was doing something called 'Inglorious Bastards' next, I can't remember what it's about though of if it is the correct title.
User comment: By: Zach D.
This is probably just another one of those "projects" that Quentin dreamed up in his head and started talking like he was going to make it. He has done a lot of that. I wish he would make a new original film.
User comment: By: Bud
The Grindhouse came out on my birthday and a group of us went and saw it. I friggin' loved that movie! The thought of someone remaking one of my favorite movies of all time upsets me but since it's Tarantino it might work. I agree with Olive that newbies should be used. They should also have all their own natural parts too. That Kim chick has falsies and that will not work. Whoever takes over the Tura Satana part has some pretty big shoes to fill, not to mention cup size! I hope it works out.
User comment: By: olive
I only have one suggestion for this movie. Given the nature of the film I really think that it should be cast with people who are not famous. And I don't think that it should be made with the intention of making millions off of the box office sales. Instead it should be made just to be made. I love this genre of movie – I love Russ Meyer movies. I would love nothing more than to go see QT remake at the Drive – In. Quentin Tarantino should not be upbraided for his craving to re-make this film.
User comment: By: Dandi Rose
I love the idea. But then thats just me.
User comment: By: CobraKai
With that would surely be a load of crud. The guy resurrected Travolta when he was caught in Look Who is Talking sequels....but Britney and Kim? You'd have better acting if you picked up a couple of porn actresses at the AVN awards show in Vegas.
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