Friday, January 4, 2008

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CloverfieldA new article in Variety reveals a few new Cloverfield tidbits. Here are the interesting pieces:

  • The film started out as an "elaborate 60-page treatment" by Lost writer Drew Goddard.
  • Cloverfield features no musical score at all, "just source music and well-orchestrated ambient sound."
  • The beginning of the film was show with a lightweight Panasonic HD HandyCam, "then moves into transitional sequences shot with a 3-lb. Canon for about a third of the film." The special effects shots were filmed with "the much-heavier" hi-res Sony F23 or Thomson Viper.
  • One five-minute continuous master shot "incorporates 20 VFX elements."
  • Director Matt Reeves promises "intimate contact” with the monster by the end of the 90-minute film.
  • A digital version of Cloverfield will play on in a few hundred screens.

You can read the full article on Cloverfield hits theaters on 1-18-08.

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User comment: By: Allynd Dudnikov
@Jerry: Sorry about your sweatshirt, but just because the movie was filmed "with cameras from wal-mart's electronics dept" doesn't mean its going to be bad. I predict this movie will do fairly well.
User comment: By: Jerry Butler
Furthermore, this is looking to be a low budget operation. Bungling orders, shooting the movie with cameras from wal-mart's electronics dept. word of mouth will hopefully kill this bird the 1st day.
User comment: By: Jerry Butler
They are wack. slusho just decided to cancel the order I placed in the beginning of Dec without ever letting me know. I just wanted a damn sweatshirt. The transaction was pending, they just never deducted it in the end, won't answer any emails as to whether I have to make another order or what.
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