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Justice League Movie Doomed to Die?

On Monday we ran a rumor from Hollywood Insider that said the Justice League movie might get canned. An update was expected by today as the source said the studio had to make a final decision by January 15th. As promised an update has arrived, and it's confirmed - the Justice League movie is on indefinite hold! Comic book fans rejoice, this is a great day! If you find anyone that was actually excited for Justice League, I'll give you a prize, because no one I know was looking forward to this disaster project.

Our friends at IESB first broke this news with a report from a crew member on the set. It was confirmed later today by Variety as well. Although Warner Brothers won't exactly say their reasoning, the rumor is that the script still needs some tweaks and that they didn't get the tax breaks they wanted from Australia yet. Given the writers strike is still in full force, it's likely that this won't get back underway until late summer or fall at the very earliest, if ever. The crew has been given notices that they won't have work and most are already searching for other jobs.

First-time husband and wife writers Michele and Kiernan Mulroney wrote the original script for this Justice League. I haven't heard of anything about the script, but given the film is featuring a group of younger actors as the superheroes, I'm guessing it really wasn't that great. The studio is hoping that all of the actors, which includes Adam Brody as the Flash, Armie Hammer Jr. as Batman, and Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, will keep their later half of the year open incase Justice League does go into production. But I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it never does.

If you're still wondering why I'm so supportive of this film being canceled, the reasoning is quite simple. With Batman Begins / The Dark Knight and Superman Returns, creating a new Justice League movie from scratch with different (and younger) actors playing the same characters really does not sound good. Beyond that I really do not like Happy Feet's George Miller as the director. I don't personally know him and have never met him, but I have never trusted his abilities in the comic book movie realm and he just doesn't seem like a comic book / Justice League of America fan, which I think is certainly necessarily for this kind of movie. And beyond that, a real Justice League movie needs to be much more epic and enormous than what this project sounded like it would become.

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User comment: By: Daniel
Glory Hallelujah!
User comment: By: Nathan
Lookout world, someone at Warner Brothers has developed a functional brain! Whatever you do, WB, promote this person and whoever greenlit "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight."
User comment: By: Stacy
I was excited for this film. All my friends were excited. Then we heard the cast list and that excitement just shriveled up and died. Superman Returns and the guy in that was sort of crap, so nobody minded recasting Superman. Bale is perfect, but most likely going to stick with just Nolan's trilogy. So, everybody was open to a recast, BUT we were kind of thinking more along the lines of Gerard Butler and James Caviezel or even Tom Welling and less along the lines of TEEN BATMAN (OMFG!?!) and SHORT LATINO SUPERMAN (WTF?!). Seriously, was this a joke? Was it April Fools Day? What was this madness?????
User comment: By: John Madden
Does it count that I started off excited? Do I get a prize for that? A *good* Justice League movie - that is with a decent cast, decent script, appropriate tone and NOT screwing with the mythology (including that from Chris Nolan's Batman) would have been incredible. For the brief period when it looked like we might get that, I was genuinely excited. But I'm glad to see the back of this one. Maybe start crossing them over slowly? Like the rumored 'Hulk' and 'Iron Man' shared scene from the upcoming movies.
User comment: By: CSpuppydog
Yes... thank you God... I knew some higher power out there existed!
User comment: By: JNYCE
thanks go..... go iron man and hulk go avenger movie.... woot woot
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