Friday, January 25, 2008

Fishburne, Reno, Ventimiglia in for Armored - SendMeRSS

Written by David Morgan

Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), Jean Reno (Leon), and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) have joined the cast of Armored, a new heist film for Screen Gems. Variety reports that Nimrod Antal, the director who brought us Vacancy, will direct this film about "a young armored car guard who is persuaded by his veteran cohorts to empty a truck of its $10 million cargo." James V. Simpson wrote the screenplay and Sam Raimi, Josh Donen and Dan Farah will serve as producers.

The cast already includes Matt Dillon, Columbus Short, Fred Ward and Skeet Ulrich. Shooting is underway in Los Angeles.

No word on who will play cops and who will play crooks, but it's a good bet that Ventimiglia will be the "young guard." Hopefully, toughest-Frenchman-alive Jean Reno will get a chance to knock some heads again.

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