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Double Feature Saturday: Never Back Down and Chocolate Trailers

Over the last week I stumbled across two pretty interesting trailers. The one thing they both have in common is they both feature some awesome fighting and martial arts, but other than that, they're entirely different. The first one is Never Back Down, a mainstream American film about underground fighting and mixed martial arts that looks like You Got Served but with fights. The second one is Chocolate, the latest Thai martial arts movie from Ong Bak and The Protector director Prachya Pinkaew (think Tony Jaa), about a female martial artist. Both are worth watching no matter where you're from, so check 'em out.

Up first is Never Back Down, which stars Sean Faris, Djimon Hounsou, and hottie Amber Heard. The movie is directed by Jeff Wadlow, of 2005's Cry_Wolf. It's currently set to arrive in theaters on March 14th from Summit Entertainment.

Up second is Chocolate, which stars newcomer Nicharee "Jeeja" Vismistananda. As Twitch describes, "Jeeja may look sweet and innocent but when trouble comes knocking at her door, she can be deadly like a bat out of hell." The film is co-written and directed by Prachya Pinkaew, of Tony Jaa's Ong Bak and The Protector previously. As of this moment, Chocolate is only set to open in Thailand on February 7th.

Both of these look pretty good and although I'm certain neither will hit it big, that's why I wanted to share them today. These kinds of movies have a place in the world and can be enjoyed even if they're not brilliant. I'll do my best to bring you all more obscure, fun trailers in the future.

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User comment: By: ROy
I liked Never Back Down better when it was called Karate Kid.
User comment: By: Alex Billington
Okay, I admit Never Back Down looks terrible... but hey, I wanted to run both of these trailers and they're so obscure, I thought, why not put 'em together! Chocolate actually looks kind of decent, but that's it. Never Back Down I just threw in here for the hell of it, too...
User comment: By: Gnats255
i cant wait to see Never back down... i THink it looks good and im not the 13 years old crowd but still... I liked blood sport too so :P . . . .
User comment: By: PG
LOL at Never Back Down! Seriously, who are the people that ok these kind of movies?! White suburban kids fighting in some MTV styled underground fight club... rightttttttttttt.
User comment: By: Deh-yo
I'm a fan of UFC so I like mixed martial arts, so even if Never Back Down has awful acting and writing and whatnot, if the fight scenes are entertaining and believable, then I'll enjoy it. As for Chocolate, looks awesome. I really like how the main character is a girl and doesn't have that "Girl power!" attitude. Looks like she does her own stunts too, which is a definite plus in my book.
JFC!!! what a manure pile. if this thing makes money, I know what I am going to do for a living now. make bullshit movies and sell them to the 9 to 13 year old crowd. I will be a zillionaire by 2010.
User comment: By: Nick O.
Never Back Down looks so bad. I'm guessing the makers of it are targeting your typical male teenager who thinks fast cars and fighting make you more of a man.
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