Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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The new Doomsday trailer has just hit the web, and man it looks like glorious cheesy fun. Coming from the director of “The Descent” (my favorite horror film of the last 10 years easy), Neil Marshall, this thing looks the way post-apocolyptic should! And how on earth can you ever go wrong with Malcolm McDowell?

Check out the Doomsday trailer below (Thanks to Goody for the heads up):

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User comment: By: bassturd
humm little disappointed. I really liked the Descent but this trailer looked like a mishmash of movies. Starts out as 28 Weeks Later, Spirals into Mad Max, then evolves into some Resident Evil-esque type thing. Oh, and with a little 300 in there...I thought I was about to hear "THIS IS SPARTA".
User comment: By: Dylan
I literally just jumped up and down in excitement.
User comment: By: Mr. James
Can we say the new Mad Max? I'm digging what I'm seeing in the trailers. Nothing gets me more creeped out than society gone crazy after a post-apocalyptic disaster. Thank god the survivors aren't zombie killing machines. Real crazy people are so much more thrilling and horrifying.
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