Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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DestroRumours were flying round the internet last night that Dominic West has been cast as Destro. This morning the the Paramount lords have decreed these words to be gibberish! We get the skinny from our friends at IESB:

A very high up and reliable source at Paramount gives IESB an update on the rumored casting of Destro. After the recent posting over at LatinoReview that Dominic West was a contender and possible top choice to play Destro in the live action G.I. Joe we had to see if we could get confirmation. What we got was a quick and flat out denial. I am told he’s not even on the short list they have compiled to choose from for the Scottish Arms Dealer.

So there you go folks. Destro’s Identity still remains a secret. This still does not change the fact that that much of the news coming out of the G.I. Joe camp sucks. Questionable casting decisions and the inclusion of Heavy Duty still have my hopes dreadfully low. I want this film to rule, and although I am hoping for the best; I do not predict good things.

We are still waiting on a few key castings for some of the main heroes/villians. Getting a few solid players on board would certainly be good, and I concede that it would give me a glimmer of hope. Destro and Cobra Commander are legendary villains and their casting should be treated seriously, we need actors that are able to command respect and instill fear with their words. We need charismatic men that demand allegiance from those around them, driving them onward towards world domination!

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User comment: By: Darren J Seeley
Dominic West not in the flick as Destro. That's too bad. I was starting to have some glimmer of hope...but I would not mind Gerald Bultler...or Christopher Eccleston, for that matter.
User comment: By: Phil Gee
Well Gerard Butler isn't playing Sabertooth in the Wolverine movie so maybe.... ...i mean he must be on the list if they're keeping Destro Scottish. He just has to be on it: "You see Duke, i brought more soldiers than you did" "The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and that before this battle is over.......that they all got headbutted by my mighty metal head" "What can you do Doctor Mindbender? Cobra will need sons" "Joes! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty for tonight, YOU DINE IN HELL!" I've saved the obvious one for the next gentleman:)
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