Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Written by David Morgan

Brian Cox revealed to MTV at Sundance that he and his co-star from 2001's L.I.E., Paul Dano, will come together again in a new film called The Good Heart. Cox goes into detail about the plot of the movie, so I'll just let him speak for himself:

It’s a crazed film about a guy who runs a bar, called Jacques, in New York. It’s a bar where all these deadbeats hang out, like a bar in a Eugene O’Neil play.

This young homeless man comes in, and he has these extraordinary powers of healing; he can heal all the guys in the bar. He also heals my character, this guy who has these heart problems. The old man is always in the hospital, nearly dying. And what happens is that he develops this relationship with this man much younger than himself. Then there’s another character, who is a Hungarian air-hostess who comes to work in the bar, and there’s a triangle between them

We don’t know who the full cast is yet. Paul plays the young man; ours are the two big roles, and I’m not sure who the female role will go to yet.

Dano gained a decent amount of attention for his role as Dwayne, the silent son, in Little Miss Sunshine. But most recently he's made waves with his performance as another young healer named Eli Sunday in Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood.

French director Dagur Kari will helm Heart. Apparently, Ryan Gosling and Tom Waits had been considered at one point, but that seems to have fallen through for whatever reason.

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