Wednesday, January 23, 2008

X-Files 2 Set Pictures (Possible Spoiler) - SendMeRSS

Holy Crow! We have some rad set pics from the X- Files 2 camp today, I love them and am very thankful for the hook up from the dudes at Jo Blo:



I LOVE THAT WOLF MAN! Oh my sweet good gracious I can’t wait to see this film now, I am burning with desire! If Lycanthropes are going to star in the next X-Files installment that is a-ok with me! Take a look at that mask and soak it in folks!! That is a macho killer wolf! We still do not know if this guy will even be in the film or if this is just a crazy pic from the set, but we will keep you posted.

International friends - what are your thoughts!

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User comment: By: doug nagy
Mattiac - -this is going to be a standalone film. I am sad to say that it looks like you will never get closure.
User comment: By: Persetti
It could be a scene in the beginning of the film where they are in the middle of a werewolf case and after that they start with the ufo business...
User comment: By: Mattiac
:( I hate it! I don't want damn werewolves!! I want a sequel that puts closure and explains everything about the aliens!! This movie is gonna suck big time!!!! :(
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