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Bryan Singer on the set of Superman Returns

Variety blogger Anne Thompson wrote a piece last week titled Dark Knight's Nolan and DC Comics Pics (thanks for the link, too, Anne!) that most of us missed in the Holiday haze. Her last paragraph is the most discomforting, but from what I can tell, it may be more speculation than truth. It reads, "speaking of DC Comics pics, it is highly unlikely that Bryan Singer will return to shoot the next Superman movie." Wait, what?! This would be disastrous if it were the case! Not everyone liked Superman Returns, but if they (or specifically, if Bryan) pulls this again, then it's going to be another X-Men 3! And everyone know how that turned out.

Here is the full final paragraph from Anne's article.

"Speaking of DC Comics pics, it is highly unlikely that Bryan Singer will return to shoot the next Superman movie. (The director is finishing up Tom Cruise's Nazi film Valkyrie, and prepping The Mayor of Castro Street). The next Superman we will see on the big screen will not be Brandon Routh, but a younger Superman among a cast of youthful superheroes in The Justice League. That movie will likely not be shot, however, until after the WGA strike is resolved."

Now, I need to tread lightly in the case that Anne actually is right and is just hiding the truth in speculative writing. Superman: Man of Steel, as the sequel has been officially titled, has already had plentiful discussion. But we all know Bryan Singer is out working on Valkyrie and we suspected something along the lines of working on The Mayor of Castro Street quickly in between Valkyrie and Superman: Man of Steel. But if this is the case, his future may be set on Valkyrie and The Mayor of Castro Street and not Superman: Man of Steel. Especially considering that the Justice League movie with a newer, younger Superman is already in the works and moving into production quite soon.

If you remember back in October, this rumor came up once before. And there was the big online fiasco surrounding Mark Millar's pitch for a real Superman movie. Unless someone comes out and proves this rumor wrong, it's starting to seem like everything is pointing towards Singer NOT directing this sequel. Quite a shame, because I think he could've pulled off a movie this time around than Superman Returns.

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User comment: By: Heckle
Also not a fan of Singers Superman. Let Millar do it or perhaps Joss Whedon.
User comment: By: Spider
I think that now is a good time to seriously consider Mark Millar's pitch! If he can also direct, then why not? He seems genuinely passionate about the whole project! Think- Sam Raimi's passion for "Spider-Man". I think this will help Warner Bros. and DC establish that not only Batman could be a viable franchise! Half assing a Superman franchise and a half assed "Justice League" movie is going to sink the vast potential of DC.
User comment: By: Ryan
YEAH! No maybe the movie can be canceled next :)! I hated the first one and it didn't do to hot in the Box Office either. Why make another? Let me watch the originals instead.
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