Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Oscars Will Be Picketed by WGA - SendMeRSS

WGA West president Patric Verrone confirmed what we'd all suspected: The Academy Awards will be picketed unless the Writers Guild and AMPTP can reach an agreement before February 24th. At this point, that still seems an unlikely possibility. He said at a news conference on Tuesday:

The WGA West board of directors has already voted to deny a waiver to the Academy if they ask for one. The most important thing to us us to get the conglomerates back to the table.

On the bright side, the NAACP's Image awards has been granted a waiver by the WGA.

Because of the historic role the NAACP has played in struggles like ours, we think this decision is appropriate to jointly achieve our goals.

The SAG awards and the Independent Spirit Awards have likewise been granted waivers, while the Grammys will be refused should they ask.

It's official. Hardball season is open.

-David Morgan 

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