Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Hey there folks. It was quite a weekend around here. Lots of great football to watch… I’m glad the Patriots are still in hot pursuit of the perfect season, but I was really hoping to see Bret Favre get to the superbowl one more time. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t to be. Cloverfield discussion has been CRAZY on the site, so as you’ll see, we bring it up again.

At any rate, take some time to download or stream this installment of Uncut as Doug and I discuss:

1) Hulk/Iron Man crossover confirmed

2) Cloverfield and Flaws in the films we love

3) Oliver Stone to make George W. Bush Movie

4) Roman Polanski and fun with underage kids

5) Ratatouille win best rated wide release film of 2007

6) The Razzies (but I forget to mention the nominees

7) Ryan Gosling as the new Jack Ryan

8) Doug talks about 27 Dresses

All this and a few things more.

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User comment: By: bryan
Forgot Ghostrider and Daredevil.
User comment: By: bryan
I'm a bigger DC fan but I and probably every one knows that Marvel is doing a better job with this whole tie in thing. I also don't understand why WB is pussying out on the flash or wonder woman movie. They have been adapting DC Comics into film much longer than Marvel. All they have to show for it is Batman and Superman, Marvels got 3 Spider man's, 3 X-men, 2 Faggtastic four,Punisher and The hulk. Now with 2 more on the way.(Antisipating both) WB has got to get on the ball. Loved Cloverfield (warts and all) love the video podcasts. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
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