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Sweded Be Kind Rewind Trailer

I hope by now you are familiar with sweding. If not, I'll remind you - it's the term used in Be Kind Rewind to define the new movies that Jack Black and Mos Def create from scratch. If you want to see the perfect example of sweding, then here it is. Michel Gondry, the brilliant filmmaker who directed Be Kind Rewind, took the original trailer and sweded it from scratch to create his new version. This thing is absolutely hilarious, especially with Gondry's heavy accent as he tries to voice Jack Black and Mos Def. You need to watch this, even if you don't care about Be Kind Rewind!

Before you watch this, go back and watch the actual trailer for the movie. That way you know how the original looks and can keep it in your mind when seeing what Gondry has done. Thanks to SlashFilm for finding the video as well.

Watch Michel Gondry's sweded trailer for Be Kind Rewind:

I saw Be Kind Rewind at Sundance and loved it. It's a great film that is full of more heart than nearly anything else I saw this year. It doesn't top Science of Sleep in my mind, but Gondry has pulled off another classic.

Be Kind Rewind is both written and directed by French indie filmmaker Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind, Science of Sleep). The film arrives in theaters on February 22nd.

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Link - Comments - Alex Billington - Sat, 26 Jan 2008 14:18:14 GMT - Feed (2 subs)
User comment: By: Andreas Climent
I wasn't too impressed by the orgiginal trailer but this one was really funny =)
User comment: By: jason_md2020
A remake of a remake of Ghostbusters...It's funny but damn my head hurts...
User comment: By: Sinner
I'll probably take some heat for this but I don't care. I'm a fan of Jack Black but this made me laugh way more than the real "Be Kind Rewind" trailer. Hilarious.
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