Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Numerous sites are reporting that the following poster is A.) new; B.) significant proof that Robert Rodriguez’s straight-to-DVD Machete movie is moving forward or completed; C.) proof that, in hindsight, Grindhouse was the scuzzy masterpiece promised to us; D.) wall-worthy.

Unlike the SAT, all of these bubble answers are wrong, even D.), which is wrong by default because you’d have to trek into the mall and into the store, the one where 12-year-olds “buy” Doc Martens and Sex Pistols piggy banks, to purchase the Machete poster to hang on your wall. Unless you waited outside of the mall for it to come to you, in which case, we’ll count D.) and you can proceed to university in Awesomeville. View the poster in digital form and then consider practicing your rusty noogie technique after the jump…


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[...] Machete Poster Erst war es nur ein Pseudo-Teaser zu Planet Terror, nun gibts das Filmplakat? [...]
User comment: By: redandjonny
Maybe Hunter is finally getting high, having a few beers and watching "I know who killed me" like he said he was going to a few posts ago.....and made that fatal flaw of posting while drunk and high. :P back on topic: I cant wait to get my hands on that poster.
User comment: By: dan
...Wish there was an edit button.
User comment: By: dan
Omg this isn't a goddamn film coming out! You can buy these posters, along with the Thanksgiving one at Hot Topic
User comment: By: AshDraven
I have no idea where Stephenson is going with his analogy, or went for that matter. That aside, I would gladly pay $50 to have that poster hanging on my wall.
User comment: By: Jim
Does anyone understand what Stephenson is saying?
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