Thursday, January 3, 2008

‘The Lost Boys 3′ in the Works? - SendMeRSS

Yesterday, Rodney posted some new pictures from the upcoming direct-DVD sequel, ‘The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe‘ from Corey Feldman’s blog. Also in Corey Feldman personal blog, (*note: I can not believe I’m using this as a source by the way) he had recently mentioned that there is already talks about a third film.

Moviehole gives us this excerpt from Feldman’s blog:

“…Also as you know Lost Boys 2 is on the way and from what Warner Bros. is saying it looks great, they are already talking about doing a third…..;) we'll see! They have also commissioned a 4 issue series of comics that DC comics will be releasing with my image as Edgar Frog, telling the story of what happened between the first and second movie.".

I am a huge fan of ‘The Lost Boys.’ (It is tied as my vampire movie with ‘Fright Night’) However, I still think the upcoming DTD sequel will bite the big one. I’ll still watch it, and I will most definitely be on the look out for the DC comic mini series when it comes out, (The Frog Brothers would be so proud!) but I have very low expectations.

Well, if there’s talk about the third film already with ‘The Frog Brothers,’ I guess we know who survives the second installment now don’t we?

Unless, they come back as vampires. Now THAT would be something I would want to see.

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