Thursday, January 17, 2008

Justice League Outdone By Villain: Indefinite Hold - SendMeRSS

Justice League movieLooks like the Justice League met its match against the most powerful of all villains, the "indefinite hold." The official reasons are, of course, script and budget concerns. Director George Miller wanted things to be big, and the budget was out of control, plus the script needed more work.

Does that mean the producers will try to get the cast and crew back together when the writers strike ends and the script can be fixed? Maybe, but I doubt it. We never did see Superman Lives, which would've starred Nic Cage as Superman, nor did we see Batman vs. Superman: Asylum, so I doubt will see this.

I say good; we need Christian Bale as Batman and Brandon Routh as Superman for a JL movie. My directing dream team? Christopher Nolan and Bryan Singer. Hey, a fanboy can dream, right?

I just hope this doesn't hurt the Avengers movie; it sounds like Marvel Studios is doing that one right, with all actors, including Robert Downey, Jr. and others, signed on for the film. Iron Man's Jon Favreau wants to direct. That sounds like a winner! Pay attention, Warner Bros./DC!

Source: Batman-On-Film

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