Monday, January 14, 2008

Justice League Could Get Canceled This Week - SendMeRSS

Everyone keep your fingers crossed. Perhaps the only thing I want to see come to an end faster than the Writer’s Guild strike, is the impending disaster: “Justice League”. I swear they’ve managed to do EVERYTHING wrong on this project.

- Wrong director
- Wrong cast
- Wrong decision to have different Batman and Superman
- yadda yadda yadda

But some hope is on the horizon! Last week Doug mentioned that Justice League could get delayed… and possibly canceled. Today, the cause for hope grows my friends! Apparently, the crew currently working on pre-production for Justice League have been told the hammer may fall THIS WEEK! Our friends over at IESB give us this:

the crews are all aware of the problems, the cast and script with the latter being the biggest issue are about to put the production on hold. Crews have been told that if problems don't get fixed within the next few days, pre-production will come to a halt, a decision is expected by mid-week.

Oh hope of hopes! Could this thing actually get derailed? One can only hope… only hope… only hope.

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User comment: By: Melbye
Oh no, please tell me it isn't true. This is the worst news since cost of stamps went down
User comment: By: Zeus
There is a god! But yeah, I'm glad this is getting the axe :)
User comment: By: Kevin C
They cant be THAT stupid to go through with this abortion of a movie. Sit this one out and watch Marvel do their thing for a bit and then try to do JL right.
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