Thursday, January 3, 2008

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I Am Legend

The rumors we reported back in August regarding a sequel to I Am Legend have apparently moved one step closer to the big screen. According to ShockTillYouDrop, author Richard Matheson just signed off sequel rights to his 1957 novel to Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, the film's screenwriter, Mark Protosevich, continues to express his involvement with a follow-up set a decade in the future. Whether Will Smith will return is still under wraps, though the actor has expressed strong reluctance to star in sequels in recent interviews. If you've seen the somber smash hit, wouldn't a sequel undermine the movie's entire message and title, sort of like how the film version undermined the book's big reveal? Um, I think so.

With the film quickly ascending up the ladder to reside as the sixth biggest domestic film of 2007 (and maybe higher), and raking it in internationally, can we officially give some credit to the mannequins? They were excellent.

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User comment: By: Allynd Dudnikov
..Please, No sequel Hollywood, not every movie that makes good money deserves a sequel.
User comment: By: Yeti
Hahah. Loved the mannequins. Especially the random one that was used as a trap. Sequel though? That should be interesting. I loved the movie but I have to say the ending was a disappointment. Well if Will Smith doesn't do the sequel who would? I hear Ben Affleck isn't busy these days. (JK!)
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