Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Sure to be overshadowed by the approaching Oscar nominees, the Golden Tomatoes are awards given to the highest rated films on Rottentomatoes.com. Not too many surprises for the top picks, but here's a quick summary. If you want to know the top ten in each category, head over to their site using the link above.

Top Wide Release (more than 500 theaters): Ratatouille

Top Limited Release: Once

Action/ Adventure: The Bourne Ultimatum

Animation: Ratatouille

Comedy: Juno

Drama: Away From Her

Horror: Grindhouse

Kids/Family: Enchanted

Romance: Atonement

Sci-fi/Fantasy: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Documentary: Sicko

Foreign Language: The Lives of Others

Thriller: No Country for Old Men

Musical: Once

Top UK: Hot Fuzz

Top AU: Ten Canoes

Moldy Tomato Award: Because I Said So

User Tomato (Wide): Ratatouille

User Tomato (Limited): Bella

After reading that Bella was chosen for the User Tomato (Limited) category, I was amused to read that RT called it "A sweet, but ultimately pedestrian comedy." Take that, you peasants! That's what we think of your tastes!

What a lousy year for sci-fi/fantasy, eh? It seemed like the general consensus on Harry Potter 5 was that it was a decent, if sub-par entry in even that series. Compare this to last year when you had Children of Men and Pan's Labyrinth. Both were incredible films and strong contenders for numerous awards. It's also interesting to see Because I Said So getting the Moldy Tomato when it wasn't even nominated for Worst Picture by the Razzies (though it did pick up a few other nods). The Lindsay Lohan disaster I Know Who Killed Me didn't even make it to RT's top ten, and Norbit placed eighth. Just goes to show, even ridicule isn't one hundred percent unanimous.

-David Morgan 

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