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Elijah Wood Confirms Dual Hobbit Movie Details

Now that everything is settled with Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema and The Hobbit is moving forward, details are slowly (but surely) starting to come together. Our friends over at MTV caught up recently with Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood and got all sorts of exciting details out of him about The Hobbit, since he is, of course, good friends with Peter Jackson. One of the most exciting tidbits he spoke about was how the two Hobbit films would work, and being a huge Tolkien fan myself, I'm somehow even more excited.

"I haven't spoken to [Peter Jackson] directly about it [but] I've e-mailed him, and as far as I know the two films that they're doing, one will be 'The Hobbit' and another will take place between the 60 years that happened between 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings,'" the once and future Frodo enthused to MTV News, possibly confirming rumors that the second planned film would not be a Part II, but instead a narrative bridge.

It was first mentioned way back in 2006 that the book would be "split" into two films, one to come out in 2010, and the other in 2011. However, details as to what exactly this meant haven't been discussed until now, but it is at least confirmed that two Hobbit films will be made. As Elijah Wood describes above, it may be that the first film will be the entire book, and the second a continuation of The Hobbit that leads into Lord of the Rings.

As much as I'd like to believe every last word that the guy who played Frodo has to say, there could have easily been some miscommunication. Either way, Elijah does say that he'd love to return if the "narrative bridge" second film did actually happen and it involved Frodo in some way. His enthusiasm to return to the world of Middle Earth is certainly prevalent: "If I'm asked to go back and revisit that character and it makes sense, I would love to. I would absolutely love to."

As for what exactly the second film might involve, even Elijah is unsure. There is certainly no actual story told between the two books, give or take a few references in later books about conversations and journeys with Bilbo and the death of Frodo's parents. However, I'm slightly worried that the Hollywood machine might drum up a filler story and stuff it to the gills with unnecessary plot points. Either way it turns out, Elijah says he would certainly be glad to return.

"Nothing was really written with Frodo involved in it. That was sort of an ancillary tale outside of 'Lord of the Rings.' I can't imagine that they [Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens] would write great reams of information regarding my character," he said of necessary invention outside of Tolkien's established canon. "But if [Frodo] should show up, it would actually be the perfect way to revisit because it could be small enough that I could go back and have a nice sort of reunion with the memories that I have of the experience."

And as for the "Return of Peter Jackson" (albeit only as a producer) and his settlement with New Line Cinema, even Elijah is excited. It's comforting to know that the star of the Lord of the Rings series is adamant about making sure The Hobbit turns out as great as Lord of the Rings and is directly connected to that universe that Jackson originally created.

"It's a great triumph [that Peter is involved.] I think that's really important that the same team that worked on the [earlier] films [work on 'The Hobbit'], the same effects team, that it be shot in New Zealand. I think that it's important that Ian McKellen is cast as Gandalf, just so that there's a synergy between the films," he insisted. "I think people want it to exist in the same world. So at least now we are assured that it will be done through that same lens, which is great. It's exciting."

I could not agree more with what he has said. I might even boycott this film if Ian McKellen isn't cast as Gandalf, but we still have quite a while. Until more details are revealed, including an actual director, we'll always be here to bring you the latest rumblings on The Hobbit. I know it's one of my own most anticipated films coming up in the next decade and we'll be sure to keep all of the fans up-to-date as well.

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User comment: By: James
If you don't like it, don't watch it. Stop complaining. Do you think they will stop production because they read a comment on a website? They're making these movies whether you like it or not, and they may be terrible, but that is their own problem. If they are terrible, too bad. Don't lose any sleep over it.
User comment: By: wryterra
In reply to number 6. - yes *explosions*. Despite the fact that nothing in Middle Earth *should* explode, they do. Really? Then explain the following: "Even as they spoke there came a blare of trumpets. Then there was a crash and a flash of flame and smoke. The waters of the Deeping-stream poured out hissing and foaming: they were choked no longer, a gaping hole was blasted in the wall. A host of dark shapes poured in." Which Aragorn later describes as 'blasting fire'. Sounds a whole lot like an explosion to me.
User comment: By: Gerry
As for me, I'm thrilled that they're making The Hobbit, and especially that the same Jackson team will be involved. Say what you will about some of their choices, but please realize that you will never find a team with a deeper knowledge, or more love, for Tolkien. I feel that they will do The Hobbit easy justice. When you consider how wrong Hollywood can go and how director's often share no interest in the material, it really is amazing how true to the books they remained. I am reminded of Spielberg's Jurrasic Park. There were some great parts of that book that were omitted and others that were changed, and they threw in that non-sequeter reference to virtual reality. It was like some kind of movie by committee. But of course there were the dinosaurs, the likeable Sam Neil, and the dinosaurs (did I already say that). Maybe I'm being too harsh on Speilberg. The second film, however, may be a different story. One can study Tolkien's works and understand the stories, but there is a huge gulf between writing a parallel work of the same quality. I would have preferred that they shot the Children of Hurin, or some narrative strung together from the Silmarillion, which I dearly love. The concept of someone inventing what amounts to a fifth book in the Tolkien series seems, well, heretical. And if there's on theing about Tolkien fans is that they love adherence and burn heretics. It would amount to international lynch mob if it went awry, and would forever sully the Tolkien franchise (which somehow Saul Zaentz owns???). That was probably the most wisely invested $10,000 in history. I think I would take a trust, but verify approach. I trust Peter Jackson to do his very best, but I think he is also shrewd and may start to leak some of the details to see how they are received. So keep your eyes opened for more news. You may very well end up shaping the coming movie.
User comment: By: Zulfikar Najmudin
It's comforting to know that the star of the Lord of the Rings series is adamant about making sure The Hobbit turns out as great as Lord of the Rings and is directly connected to that universe that Jackson originally created The universe that Jackson originally created!!!! Did I miss something??? there was me thinking that Tolkein created it. whatever you may think about Jackson as a director, I cannot imagine that anyone would think that he has even 1% of the literary genius to create a whole new film worth of material, sounds like another case of hollywood cashing in its chips (well they liked the last four, even if its crap, enough people will go to see the last one, just out of sentimentality....)
User comment: By: Micah
I agree with Tom. These movies will be complete disasters, although I'm sure best sellers. The idea of making a 'filler' movie is all you need to identify the cheap schmuckery going on here.
User comment: By: Tom Bombadil
This is indeed very very bad news. To those that love the Lord of the Rings, the only thing more sacred is the Hobbit itself. I was so happy to find out that Peter Jackson had been excluded from ruining any more of Tolkien's work with stupid love affairs, stupid rides on Wargs, and yes *explosions*. Despite the fact that nothing in Middle Earth *should* explode, they do. Didn't anyone see King Kong for cripes sake? This man (Peter Jackson) and his so-called scriptwriters could not create a believable movie to save their lives. The fact that they are even *considering* a second movie composed of completely MADE-UP material set in the "Middle Earth world," should be a HUGE red flag. Every time there is something moving and wonderful in LOTR, it's because they managed to use Tolkiens actual words and directions, and every single part of LOTR that sucks, is a part that Peter Jackson or his wife, or his wife's best friend added themselves for "dramatic reasons." Please don't let this idiot ruin the Hobbit as well. They are already going to need a stand-in for Bilbo at absolute minimum. Let's just forget about it for another ten years until someone with real talent can use the technology available *then* to do it right.
User comment: By: dan
explosions??? LOL, what series did YOU watch? Mission Impossible? I'm a huge fan of the books and although the movies don't do the books perfect justice, its still a very good series. And if it were about money, the movies would not be 3-4 hours long (extended versions). They would have shot off the movies as fast as possible, using lots and lots of CG for the backgrounds and creatures. Yes, they used CG, but they also had many actors, great costumes, and the movie was filmed in New Zealand, they had to prepare the locations for over a year to make everything look authentic. If you're obsessed with having the movies be parallel with the books, I suggest watching the extended versions. They are VERY much different than the original release. (Example, pippin having a MUCH bigger role in The Two Towers.) If you choose not to watch it because you think they have "too many battles, too many explosions, and fake special effects" i suggest you stay away from modern movies all together. As for The Hobbit, I'm excited to hear the news. As for the "filler story," I'm very skeptical.
User comment: By: gregory
the first one lost me, never saw the second two too many battles, too many explosions and fake special effects, and that killed the deep metaphysical substance of the book... so i don't care who is involved, it is all about money
User comment: By: ron
well this is just crap, absolute crap there is no reason for them to make a filler story. that is not how they were written and i really don;t care if they think the people want is just plain wrong
User comment: By: Justu
Ill be looking forward to this, loved the three. Lets hope it doesn't get messed up.
User comment: By: Sinner
Sounds sweet. Let's do it again!
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