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I remember hearing about the 'Day of the Dead' remake going into production after the box office and critical success from the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake back in 2004.  The last news I heard about this movie was that Ving Rhames was cast….and that was over a year ago. So I knew this day was coming.

According to, the zombie remake of a classic is due to hit DVD shelves on April 8th, 2008 without a theatrical release.

Our good friends at Cinematical give us this:

And for those who’ve forgotten all about this thing, I can tell you that it was directed by Steve Miner (Friday the 13th Part 2) and written by Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination). Among the cast members are Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari, Christa Campbell, Nick Cannon, and the multi-chinned character actor Ian McNeice. To say George Romero had nothing to do with this remake is like saying Gary Coleman had nothing to do with the French Revolution.

Hmm…this movie must be getting trashed if it has a cast like this and is going straight to DVD. I have to admit, I am a fan of Steve Miner's work.  I loved 'House,' 'Friday the 13th Part 2, 'H20,' 'Lake Placid' and even a few scary Dawson's Creek episodes he had done in the past. (Shameful but true)  However, this is also the man responsible for the soon to also be straight to DVD film, 'Major Movie Star' starring Jessica Simpson. (EEEK!)

I for one will still check this 'bound to suck' zombie remake when it hits DVD in April. What are your thoughts? 

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User comment: By: Grundy
Well, this movie is from the same people who made the pieces of shit that were Day of the Dead 2: Contagium and Creepshow 3. So it's not really a surprise it'll be straight to DVD, I mean it has Nick Cannon in it.
User comment: By: goodbar1979
(i know this is supposed to be a Day of the Dead comment section) but i have to TOTALLY agree with Pete about John's Dark Knight comments. It seemed that John didn't even really want to talk about the trailer at all (kept calling it a teaser). For supposedly being a site dedicated to sci-fi /comic book movies. The attention payed to the best trailer released so far this year is kinda disappointing. Ledger will be definitive Joker...after seeing the trailer and my faith in Nolan's work i don't expect anything less
User comment: By: Patrick
It's funny I was just thinking about this film. I remember seeing the trailer a long while ago and then nothing...I didn't particularly like the trailer, so wasn't interested in actually seeing the film, but I like me some zombies so I looked it up on IMDB and couldn't really find a release date. Now the questions have been answered. It truly was as bad as the trailer let it out to be. Too bad.
User comment: By: david
Wasn't this originally supposed to be a big budget release? I wonder if they had to hurry through production or something due to legal issues. Does it have any connection to the Dawn remake other than the whole 'zombie infestation' thing? I like the Romero version - but it's not the best of his 'Dead movies. His original script for it was better - I'm sure it's still floating around online.
User comment: By: Amano Jyaku
Saw the trailer for this flick almost a year ago. It looked like garbage. no wonder its going stv.
User comment: By: Simon
Oh wow that's sucks The remake of Dawn of the Dead was great I enjoy it and I love the Romero one but. Also the remake of Dawn had Zack Snyder making this film before he was mr super star with 300. And it did not have the guy (Steve Miner) who made such great films as My Father the Hero with Depardieu and I am from france and I hate Depardieu in that film. He is one of the best actors in the world. So if you can't work with someone of his class and make a great film who says you can remake a zombie film like day of the dead. I know he has work with a zombie (Jessica Simpson) before in making Major Movie Star. But I am not going to cry over this news.
User comment: By: Flyer28
Good! I hope this piece of crap makes no money. The lack of originality in Hollywood nauseates me.
User comment: By: bigsampson
OK so ya i seen this movie like 4 months ago....let me tell u first that this movie is so shitty that i cant believe they actually got ving rhames in it...and the stupid pet zombie idea was completely stupid...nick cannon shoyld not have been offered this role...not cause he sux at acting but he tried to much to make it funny.
User comment: By: peter
With a title like "Day of the Dead" that's no surprise. Hey, John. In your last podcast you completely insulted the bat-fans. You said "How can anyone judge a performance based on one picture and one line?" One line??? You made us out to look like idiots. Heath Ledger's Joker spat more than one line: FROM THE TEASER: "Starting tonight, people will die. I'm a man of my word." FROM THE TRAILER: "You've changed things...forever. See, to them you're just a freak...Like me!" (HaHaHaHaHa) "Evening, Commissioner." "Why so serious?!" "A little fight in ya, I like that." "It's all part of the plan." "Come on! Hit me!" "Let's put a smile on that face!" (HaHaHaHaHa) From the IMAX Prologue (First five minutes of TDK): "No, no, no. I kill the bus driver." "I believe, what ever doesn't kill you simply makes you...stranger." Along with these lines were several shots of the Joker. He was moving, he had expressions on his face, and of course he was laughing. This is what made the fans draw the conclusion that Ledger might indeed be the definitive Joker. Just looking at his eyes, the way he moves, and laughs; he's channeling this character. Jack did Jack with make-up. This is the first time we are seeing someone embody The Joker. Forgive us for being excited about it. And it's more than one you can see. Ten, to be exact. - Pete
User comment: By: Darren J Seeley
Wow. Even the remake of "Night Of The Living Dead" (1990) got a theatrical release...! **** But, Serena, there is a good reason why this is going right to DVD. Look at the cast list. I don't know about you, but my own torelance for Nick Cannon's non acting in every film he's been in - he almost demolished the brilliant Drumline- by playing the same smart ass, no responsilbility character...only the name has changed. If he's in his game here, this joker is the prime suspect. Mera Suvari? Yeeck. Reason #2. I wasn't a fan of Lake Placid, but I loved House and Halloween H20. Steve Miner did some horse movie with Gabrelle Anwar I any case... #3 Wasn't Day Of The Dead the most ravaged and least loved of Romero's Zombie flicks?
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