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Written by David Morgan

Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont is reportedly working on following up his adaptation of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 with a drama called Tokyo Rose. Screenwriter Christopher Hampton talked to Collider about their collaboration on the screenplay.

[Tokyo Rose] was a Japanese American woman who was arrested in Tokyo right after the War, brought back to San Francisco, put on trial for radio propaganda and sentenced to eight years imprisonment and she was completely innocent. It was all a witch hunt. She was absolutely innocent and eventually – in the 70’s – she was given a Presidential Pardon by President Ford.

Actually she was sentenced to ten years and only served six, so I guess Hampton is averaging things out. Also, in case you're worried about the math of how Ford could pardon her in 1977 if she was only in jail for six years right after WWII, the pardon served to restore her citizenship; She had already completed her jail sentence by the mid-1950s.

Hampton says that he had a meeting scheduled with Darabont about the script in December, but they had to call it off due to the strike. It sounds like the project is still far from finished and they won't be able to sit back down with it until the WGA hubbub is all worked out. 

Hampton is also working on a biopic about Coco Chanel starring Audrey Tatou as the titular fashion designer.  

With the Coco Channel (sic) project, they very wisely concentrated on two years of her life…just before she became Coco Channel and when she named her first boutique in Paris. So that contains the subject and makes it a little bit easier. But if you’re doing someone’s whole life or several years of someone’s life, it’s always selection and shaping that needs to be done.

Anne Fontaine will be directing that film, which is currently being called (on IMDb anyway) Coco avant Chanel, which in French means "Coco Before Chanel." 

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