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Frank Miller has yet another project under his belt. Strike Entertainment is working on producing 'Trouble is My Business' which will star the one and only Clive Owen. gives us these details:

The film is called Trouble Is My Business. Its about a man named Phillip Marlowe ( played by Clive Owen ) who is hired to protect a rich old man and mayhem ensues.

I love Clive Owen, and since he was one of my favorite parts in Frank Miller's 'Sin City,' I am totally pumped for this film. Although, I have to ask…..what the hell is with him always protecting people in movies? Last year he was in two films where he had to protect a baby, In 'Sin City' he had to protect hookers, and now he's cast in a film where he has to protect an old man?' What's next? Clive Owen protecting the 101 Dalmatians? I love Clive Owen, but I would like to see him in something where he's not constantly "protecting" people. Might as well call him 'Super Clive.' What are your thoughts?

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User comment: By: Darren J Seeley
I'm sure Clive Owen played a role where he had to protect the interior of a BMW... JesusMary and Joesph! ,Isn't the question a bit...much Serena? I mean, forget Owen. There are many actors who have taken on roles in every other film where, as a protagonist they had to defend or protect something. You're getting worked up over nothing.
User comment: By: dublin_sullivan
marlowes a detective,, money was definnitely involved in the other films at least initialy, closest to mind is the big sleep,
User comment: By: Kristina
Well, who'd he protect in Closer?
User comment: By: John Neal
This is a Raymond Chandler story. I love Raymond Chandler stories, so I will be looking forward to this. Here is what I found about this looking for 5 seconds online (could contain possible spoilers of movie so do not read if you do not want to know anymore about what plot could contain) POSSIBLE MOVIE SPOILERS (Since movie is based on book and this talks about the book) TEXT BELOW ---------------- Trouble Is My Business is a collection of four stories, all of them classic Philip Marlowe Mysteries. The stories in this anthology, Trouble is My Business, Fingerman, Goldfish, & Real Wind, originally appeared in a variety of magazines, including Black Mask, Detective Fiction Weekly, The Saturday Evening Post, Atlantic Monthly and the Saturday Review of Literature. In these four long stories in this collection, Philip Marlowe is hired to protect a rich old guy from a gold digger, runs afoul of crooked politicos, gets a line on some stolen jewels with a reward attached, and stumbles across a murder victim who may be an extortionist. "Raymond Chandler invented a new way of talking about America, and America has never looked the same to us since." -- Paul Auster
User comment: By: Simon
I hate Clive i think he is the next Nicolas Cage and is ok to protect sluts if they pay you with there super powers. Frank Miller is just a slut now after talking shit about Hollywood for over 10 years. He is trying to get his hands on any project that he can. I stop reading anything that he is working on.The only thing I read is All Star Batman and Robin the boy wonder because of Jim Lee's great art work.
User comment: By: Stormlight
Note: In King Arthur he protected an Empire, needs more protecting than any small nation. Plus don't forget all the films he's helped protect things in (and not as the main protector or ass cover-er-upper). The Bourne Identity: He helped protect the departments interests by trying to take out Bourne. Inside Man - He's protecting his own self interests here. Elizabeth - The Golden Age - again helping to help protect the empire. He's very patriotic our man Clive is. Even in video games he's protecting people. In PRIVATEER 2 he saves your life.
User comment: By: Pineapplehead
Isn't Phillip Marlowe a Raymond Chandler character?
User comment: By: CW05
But this one's different. This time his character is "hired" to protect some old dude. In the other movies he's protected people, no money involved. Money always complicates things.
User comment: By: Kristina
He can protect me any day...
User comment: By: Haole
sounds like an adaptation of the book by the same name. Phillip Marlowe has been played by several actors, I think Clive Owen has the right "noir style" to pull this off.
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