Thursday, February 14, 2008

Star Trek, Tropic Thunder, More Change Release Dates - SendMeRSS

Written by David Morgan

Paramount Pictures, seeing more potential for Star Trek as a summer tentpole film, has moved the J.J. Abrams production's release from December 25th of this year to May 8th, 2009. Fortunately for Paramount, James Cameron's highly anticipated sci-fi drama Avatar has already relinquished that month for the following Christmas.

This was just one of many changes Paramount made to its line up. Ben Stiller's comedy Tropic Thunder has been moved from July 11th (a prime spot) to August 15th (the dumping grounds, think Mr. Woodcock).

Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island (sometimes referred to as Ashecliffe, they seem to be going back and forth) now has its release date set as October 2nd, 2009, just in time for prestige season.

Variety also reports that Shawn and Marlon Wayans now have a comedy that will be release on February 9th, 2009. And as we know, February is the best month for quality cinema. That should be the "cop spoof" we reported on some time ago.

Eddie Murphy's Nowhereland is moving from Sept. 26, 2008, to June 12, 2009. The Renee Zellweger horror-thriller Case 39 is moving from Aug. 22, 2008, to April 10, 2009. And David Fincher's Brad Pitt starrer The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is moving from Nov. 26, 2008, to Dec. 19, 2008.

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